How much does it cost?

We keep our costs as competitive as possible, but every house/buliding is different. We can provide a free quotation and as long as there are no access issues you do not need to be there. 


How often will you clean?

We have a 4 week schedule, so most customers chose a 4 or 8 weekly clean. We do not schedule less than 12 weekly. But will book in one off or occasional cleans on request.


Where do you work?

We are based in Newcastle and cover the majority of North East. We have regular days in Gosforth, kenton, kingston park, fawdon, jesmond, great park, greenside, westerhope, fenham, blakelaw, Gateshead, lowfell, windynook, wardley, our business grows every   year please just ask if your area isnt covered on the list.


Do I need to be in?

If there are no access issues then you do not need to be in when we visit. We will call, text or email to let you know which day we are coming, so you will know which day to leave any gates unlocked.


Do you work in the rain?

Yes, although heavy rain may rinse your windows, it will not remove stubborn dirt, insect marks or spider webs. It also will not make any difference at all if your windows are recessed. 

Cleaning in the rain

Rain does not make the windows dirty, dirt does. Dust accumulates on the outside of the glass from lawn mowers, leaf blowers, tree pollen, car exhaust and many other sources. This dust settles as a uniform layer on the glass. When it rains, the rain drops push the dust into different patterns and after the water dries the dust remains on the glass. This is now highly visible because it is no longer uniformly spread but is sporadic throughout the pane. Clean glass will stay clean after any rain because once the rain water dries, there is nothing left behind to obscure the view.

What about the winter?

Window cleaning is all the more important in the winter. Road salt that is poured onto the streets gets turned into an airborne powder from the cars driving over it. This airborne dust settles onto the windows just as any other dust. Your winter clean’s will be safely and effectively done because we follow proper safety guidelines and training procedures.

Because we know your time is important, our weather policy effectively ensures that all appointments are completed in a timely manner. From our years of experience we are able to make accurate decisions to ensure that service and safety come first in serving you. We are confident you will be pleased.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, credit/debit cards and BACS payments, paypal, pingit, gocardless direct debit



What does window cleaning include?

Here at EXT Pro Clean we pride ourselves on being window cleaners not just glass cleaners. Thats why every clean includes Frames, Sills and Doors...every time! Our work always comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 




Why can you leave the windows wet?

We use purified water to clean your windows. This means it has gone through a 5 -stage filtration process to remove all impurities. We remove dirt from your windows with a purpose made pole and brush then thoroughly rinse the glass. The pure water is left on the windows to dry naturally as it drys crystal clear without any watermarks.



Do you come at the same day at the same time?

No, your cleaning can fall on any day of the week between 8am-5pm. However, we make sure we keep you informed and send you a reminder message the day before.